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Experts in Power Quality Solutions for Commercial and Industrial Facilities.

SMARTech Power Management provide design, installation & maintenance of energy saving electrical supply solutions for your business.

We solve your power quality challenges – helping you to achieve real cost savings within your organisation.

SMARTech Power Management Solutions


SMARTech Power Management Solutions help our customers to make informed decisions; creating an efficient and safe electrical system for their business or organisation.

Key Power Quality issues within business and organisations include, electrical equipment failure, high energy consumption and costs, motor failure, overheating of transformers, tripping of circuit breakers and unstable equipment operation.

SMARTech Power Management Solutions


Our team of specialist electrical, mechanical engineers provide power quality solutions to suit specific applications, and are experts in the design, installation & maintenance of energy saving electrical supply solutions for business.

Correcting Power Quality issues not only increases the efficiency of your power supply, but it also delivers immediate cost savings on electricity.

SMARTech Power Management Solutions

Service & Maintenance

Protect your existing business energy saving technology with one of our switchgear maintenance schemes or planned Power Factor Correction maintenance programs.

SMARTech Power Management can offer comprehensive service and maintenance packages for all your energy saving, including Power Factor Correction, Real-time Energy Monitoring equipment, and Voltage Optimisation.

Save money on your business energy costs

SMARTech Power Management are experts in the design, installation & maintenance of energy saving electrical supply solutions.
SMARTech Power Management - Real Time Energy Monitoring, Wiltshire

Real Time Energy Monitoring

Real time energy management and analytical monitoring system, which offers the world’s first truly integrated ecosystem for energy monitoring and efficiency, identifying waste and eliminating costs.
SMARTech Power Management - Power Factor Correction, Wiltshire

Power Factor Correction

The Power Factor Correction (PFC) is a technique of increasing the power factor of a power supply. Power Factor Correction aims to bring the power factor closer to unity by reducing the effects of reactive power.
SMARTech Power Management - Super Lo:Loss Transformers, Wiltshire

Super Lo:Loss Transformers

Our Super Lo:Loss Transformers combine technologically advanced core materials with low loss conductors, which provide lower electrical losses and in-turn achieve considerable savings in energy consumption.
SMARTech Power Management - Voltage Optimisation, Wiltshire

Voltage Optimisation

Voltage Optimisation is the most technology-advanced solution available which enables your facility to operate at its optimum energy efficiency level, generating immediate energy savings of up to 18% improving power quality.
SMARTech Power Management - Harmonic Filtration, Wiltshire

Harmonic Filtration

Harmonic Filtering acts to filter out the electrical harmonics in a system. Harmonic filtering can improve equipment performance and reduce energy costs by eliminating unwanted harmonics in electrical systems.
SMARTech Power Management - Voltage Optimisation, Wiltshire

Energy Grants & Funding

Receive up-to a maximum of £5,000 capital contribution towards your energy project with the Carbon Trust’s Green Business Fund and. The Annual Investment Allowance is a way to claim tax relief on many business assets.
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Grants and Funding

We have a range of funding solutions available for businesses and organisations within the public and private sector.

Take advantage of The Carbon Trust’s Green Business Fund, the Annual Investment Allowance and Green Business Loans to help towards the cost of your energy efficiency project.

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Our team of specialist electrical, mechanical engineers provide power quality solutions to suit specific applications.
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