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Poor power quality can affect the efficiencies of electrical equipment and can incur a number of consequences, including:

  1. Higher energy usage and costs
  2. Higher maintenance costs
  3. Equipment instability and failure

SMARTech Power Management’s team of specialist electrical and mechanical engineers can help identify solutions to power quality issues and offer a range of products and services which will improve the efficiencies of technologies and reduce electrical demand; which ultimately saves energy and costs.

  • Real Time Energy Monitoring
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Super Lo:Loss Transformers
  • Voltage Optimisation
  • Harmonic Filtration
  • Specialist Electrical Protection Equipment
  • Energy Management and System Analysis
  • Service and Support


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Business Power Management Solutions


Power Management Solutions

There are three main categories of power management solutions:

Harmonic voltages & currents

Harmonic voltages and currents are introduced by a range of common electrical devices which distorts the AC wave form and increases power usage. By introducing harmonic filters or reactors the harmonics are eliminated and the result is more efficient power usage and cost savings.

Power Factor Correction

Refers to an excess of reactive power in the system. This reactive power does not perform any real work and as such is wasteful and costly. Power Factor Correction (PFC) reduces and can almost eliminate this reactive power, reduce energy costs and stop equipment overheating, nuisance tripping and motor failure.

Voltage instability

This is in part a side effect of the high or low voltage electricity supply from the network. High voltage does not increase equipment power and is detrimental to equipment performance and longevity, and low voltage can cause brown outs and reduced productivity. Voltage optimisation ensures the voltage supplied to the system is stable as required by the equipment on site.

The use of Power Factor Correction systems increases the efficiency of power supply; delivering immediate cost savings on electricity.

SMARTech Power Management are specialist providers of power quality solutions and offer a range of products and services including:

SMARTech energy Solar PV / Photovoltaics

Real Time Energy Monitoring

Real time energy management and analytical monitoring system, which offers the world’s first truly integrated ecosystem for energy monitoring and efficiency, identifying waste and eliminating costs.

Power Factor Correction

The Power Factor Correction (PFC) is a technique of increasing the power factor of a power supply. Power Factor Correction aims to bring the power factor closer to unity by reducing the effects of reactive power.
SMARTech energy – Biomass Combined Heat & Power

Super Lo:Loss Transformers

Our Super Lo:Loss Transformerscombine technologically advanced core materials with low loss conductors, which provide lower electrical losses and in-turn achieve considerable savings in energy consumption.

Voltage Optimisation

Voltage Optimisation is the most technology-advanced solution available which enables your facility to operate at its optimum energy efficiency level, generating immediate energy savings of up to 18% improving power quality.

Harmonic Filtration

Harmonic Filtering acts to filter out the electrical harmonics in a system. Harmonic filtering can improve equipment performance and reduce energy costs by eliminating unwanted harmonics in electrical systems.
Energy Grants & Funding

Energy Grants & Funding

Energy Efficiency as a Service (EEaaS) is SMARTech energy’s fully funded, shared savings energy reduction programme – with NO CAPEX, RISK or LEASE.

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