Real-time energy monitoring system

Energy Monitoring and Reduction

Giving you the knowledge you need to control your energy consumption and reduce energy costs

Monitor buildings.  Control energy.  Reduce costs.

SMARTech Power Management provide energy monitoring solutions for your building portfolio; combining powerful hardware with intuitive cloud-based software for the most comprehensive energy management solution available to businesses today.

As a global partner for Best energy saving technology, we have the technical know-how to control your energy costs with real-time energy monitoring equipment.

The Hardware

Eniscope is a compact plug-and-play system, easily and safely installed by an electrician – boasting an average install time of around 3 hours.

Our system offers 8 three-phase metering points with physical connectivity for further temperature and pulse inputs and wireless connectivity for a range of proprietary wireless IoT (Internet of Things) sensors.

Connect seamlessly to incumbent meters, (eg, gas and water) and feed data into your current BMS or CAFM solution with ease via our API.

The Software

View data anywhere in real-time using Eniscope Analytics.  Access our cloud-based system to easily manipulate data and take advantage of intelligent alarms to inform your actions on site.

And with one intuitive analytics platform, you don’t have to live with scattered, disparate information anymore.  Enjoy an infinitely scalable solution – capable of collating second-by-second data from thousands of locations in real-time.

Not in the office?  No problem – use our bespoke mobile app to make energy management decisions on the go.


Reduce your company’s carbon footprint and lower its operating costs with our energy monitoring service

  • We give you the knowledge you need to reduce your energy consumption
  • Improve your buildings energy performance
  • Improve resource efficiency
  • Reduce operating costs and carbon emissions

Whether its cutting down on energy consumption, changing behaviours or reducing machine inefficiencies, going green is a change many companies will have to make sooner or later.

We’ve found that one of the major barriers to an organisation reducing their energy consumption is a lack of information or know-how.

With huge amounts of reliable data now available through energy monitoring devices – which track energy usage and power consumption, it’s this data which provides credible information and solutions for key decision makers to make change and to tackle the challenges of carbon reduction.

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Monitor gas, water, oil and electric instantly providing real-time data on energy consumption patterns

Achieve Energy Savings of up to 43%


  • Energy Savings of up to 43%
  • Real-time energy monitoring
  • Analytical and real-time data viewable on any computer, or portable device, from anywhere in the world via Eniscope Analytics
  • Meters provide accurate measurement of 30 electrical parameters
  • Total gas, water and Oil consumption monitoring
  • Display real-time consumption and/or generation data on-site, affecting behavior change and raising awareness
  • Remote updates ensure continuous improvement via the cloud without the need to purchase additional equipment
  • Designed & Made in the UK

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